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What is South Explorer Travel & Adventures?  

We are a travel and tourism company registered with the Secretary of Tourism of the Argentine Nation under file 12620, and we are experts in travel design, organizing expeditions and challenging celebrations. Either take groups of friends on expeditions through a snowy desert or create unforgettable family experiences. We are not a luxury adventure travel company. Each experience we offer adapts to you, your friends, guests and family. There is no mold or one size fits all, because each individual and trip is unique.

What is your first step to book a program with South Explorer? 

The South Explorer team is always available, ready to meet you and start planning your experience, either by using our online inquiry form, by writing to, or by contacting our office directly at +54 9 2901465938. We will be Glad to know your travel aspirations.

Our fees 

We pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled service and complying with our guarantee that each experience is individually designed and meticulously planned. For any travel package or custom program we will ask for a deposit (credited to the cost of your trip) before starting to design your adventure, which allows us to spend all the time we need to get to design your trip perfectly.

Price in application 

Each trip we create is unique and we will provide you with a complete estimate of the costs to fit your budget. The price will include every last detail to ensure you stay with unique and inspiring memories after your trip.


Because we have learned that things change at the last minute, we will ask for a contingency fund for your trip (refunded at the end of your trip if it is not used) that allows us, in consultation with you, to quickly change the arrangements in your Travel without disturbing you for other payments.

What happens if I don't like the planned trip? Is my deposit refundable? 

Because we work hand in hand with you to design your trip, we guarantee that our proposal for you will meet or exceed your expectations perfectly. If you are not satisfied, we will work on the proposal again and again. If we are to blame because we cannot design a proposal that really delights you, we have not fulfilled our promise and we will refund your deposit.

How far in advance are trips planned? 

From 24 months to 24 hours. We know that no two people are alike. Some clients live spontaneously, others like to plan well in advance.

When a trip is requested on short notice, we will use our experience and our network of contacts to deliver it whenever possible. However, we will never compromise our high standards of safety and customer satisfaction.

Due to the extraordinary nature of our experiences, the acquisition of the necessary permits and assets may require a notice of 12 months or more. Your personal travel agent can advise you about this once your requirements have been established.

What is a travel specialist?

 Our experienced team of specialists is a very busy group, with a collective knowledge that covers the entire region. If you do not have a travel agent, Luma Travel will assign you a personal travel specialist after the first call. 

They will plan their trip from beginning to end, and will continue the development of their trip at all times, remaining at hand (either by phone or with a personal visit), depending on their needs.

What is the payment process? 

The payment terms will vary from one trip to another and we will agree with you as part of our personal planning process. We can accept payments by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment conditions 

  • Our rates include 1.2% corresponding to bank charges.
  • Our rates are expressed in US dollars (USD), we will take a quotation dollar seller of Banco Nación Argentina on the day the payment is made.
  • Once the reservation is confirmed, South Explorer reserves the right to collect the changes. 
  • The values of this tariff are NET and DO NOT include VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT refund agreements apply for foreign non-resident tourists. 
  • For the confirmation of a service, the 30% sign of the total services is requested according to the general conditions available on our website 
  • Particular conditions may apply to the contracted program. Consult with your advisor. 
  • Tips are not included.

Cancellation and refund policies

All cancellation notices must be made in writing or via e-mail to to our Central Office in San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina - at the number (+54 9) 294 4710 692.-

Please also review the General Terms and Conditions at

At the time of notifying us that the guest must cancel their trip, depending on the chosen destination, the following expenses and / or penalties will apply - (These values do not include administrative and / or bank expenses that may be incurred):

Any trip on the continent 

  • More than 90 days before departure, 100% of the total cost of the program or its deposit is refunded. 
  • Up to 60 days before departure of the trip - 40% of the total cost of the program. 
  • Up to 40 days before departure of the trip - 60% of the total cost of the program. 
  • Up to 30 days before departure of the trip - 100% of the total cost of the program.

No total or partial reimbursement will be granted for services not used in our programs (meals, excursions or other activity, etc.), for any reason beyond South Explorer. In the same way, credits for unused services will not be granted. If the number of passengers is reduced once the reservation is paid, it is the decision of South Explorer to apply penalties or refunds.

Fam tours / site inspections policies

In any familiarization tour or training program, an OPTIONAL COST will be charged, with outsourced services at 50% and own resources at no cost.

South Explorer image policy

Our image bank is available at no additional cost for the promotion of tourist programs and experiences of South Explorer. In case of use for other purposes, South Explorer reserves the right to use and / or charge for the use of the image.

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