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Join us on a tour of the southern Patagonia steppe, to discover the traces of our ancestors



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The guanaco (Lama guanicoe) is a species of artiodactyl mammal of the Camelidae family of South America. It is a wild animal, as opposed to the Llama (Lama glama) that is domestic. It is of fine bones, with an approximate height of 1.60 meters and about 91 kilograms in weight. The young guanacos are called chulengos. Its name comes from Quechua, wanaku, it is one of the few mammals that can drink salt water.

full  DAY  (5 hours)

4wd adventure, hiking, wildlife watching, flora watching, Exploration in search of marine fossils, lunch or dinner 

ALL YEAR round

calafate, "Estancia 25 de mayo" reserve, caves

Our itinerary


An immersion in the life of the Patagonian Stays. For a few hours one feels part of the landscape and enters its history. Enjoy the fresh air and open the senses. Either by interpreting trails or sightings, the delicate balance of the steppe ecosystem that varies as height is taken is discovered. Excellent possibilities to see guanacos, condors, foxes among other members of the native fauna.

The glacier region has much more to show and tell us. 80 million years of history that are covered during a 4x4 safari. The color of the earth tells us the evolution of life and the modifications that the land underwent. Marine fossils are witnessing that the landscape we see today was underwater years ago. The land is telling its own story ... 

Peoples from 10,000 years ago, first settlers, pioneers, farmers and the current fl owra and fauna, are part of the story during the tour inside the Nature Reserve "Estancia 25 de Mayo". There have been detected areas that are geologically and paleontologically unique in Argentina; One of the most important fossil crabs deposits in the world, an oyster reef and formations that contain remains of fossil mammals with an approximate age of 15 million years.

A tour for multiple interests. An apprenticeship that will resignify the trip through Patagonia. Visit the origin to understand the news: more than just touring, recognizing



  • Comfortable clothing for walking and warm since the Patagonian climate is very varied: provide trekking shoes or shoes with good soles, comfortable pants, several layers of coat (shirt, fleece, warm jacket)
  •  hat or cap
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses.
  • Don't forget the camera
  •  If you have dietary restrictions, you must inform them at the time of booking.



  • Entrance to Estancia 25 de Mayo Nature Reserve
  • Guide bilingual Spanish / English 
  • Pick up and drop or ff at El Calafate hotels
  • Binoculars, telescope, tripod, bird guide
  •  Lunch or dinner with drinks (water and wine)
  • Taste wines with our Sommelier
  • Premium wine
  • Entrance: Vegetable Bruschetta and Brie Cheese Main: Bondiola Braised with Black Beer Apples Dessert: Tiramisu


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  • Meals not detailed in itinerary
  • All services not detailed in itinerary
  • Tips

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Some images that illustrate part of what we are going to live and experience in our journey



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