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foodie tour ushuaia

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black hake

Black Hake is a medium to large fish averaging from 1 to 8 pounds (0.45 to 3.63 kg) in weight, with specimens as large as 60 pounds (27 kg).[2] The fish can grow up to 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) in length with a lifespan as long as 14 years.

HAlf DAY  (4 hours)

taste local food cucine & wine


ushuaia, smokehouse, Kuar resto, winery

Our itinerary


The city of Ushuaia located in the southern tip of Latin America, "the end of the world", is known for its landscapes and for being the gateway to the Antarctic continent. With this tour we want to show its excellent gastronomy, built around the natural products of sea and land exclusive to our Patagonian region. 

We will embark on our first experience, the Ushuaia Smokehouse. This smoked house is a local enterprise that, in its years of life, has developed top quality gastronomic products. There, our passengers will have a guided tour of the company's facilities where they will observe the careful handling of the products and their smoking process. Once the tour is finished, our travelers will enjoy an elaborate selection of the best products of this smokehouse, paired with wines from the southernmost winery in Argentina, Bodegas del Fin del Mundo. 

On our way to the next destination / dish we will observe some of the most important historical buildings of Ushuaia, its famous prison and the southern naval base, institutions that were the fundamental stones for the foundation of the city. 

We arrive at Küar Resto Bar, one of the most distinguished restaurants in the city of Ushuaia with a rustic construction in stone and lenga wood, and a unique view of the Beagle Channel. Küar is characterized by offering gourmet dishes made with regional products, including Fuegian lamb, crab, and black hake.

It is at this time when we will taste the fueguinas delights prepared in this unique restaurant by its chef Andrés Ayala, always accompanied by the attentive attention and explanation of his maitre who will make them participate in the history of the place. 

To start the digestion, and prepare for what is coming, we will take a short tour of the industrial zone of the city, and see where one of the main economic activities of the province takes place. We will arrive at the gates of the city and begin the return to the downtown area of Ushuaia along the high road where we can stop to take the typical photographs of the unique landscape with the Beagle Channel in the background. 

We start now the last part of our tour to Quelhué Wine Shop, the first gourmet wine cellar of Ushuaia, thinking about the final step of our gastronomic experience. In this small but complete wine shop we will taste the “dessert” of this incredible tour. Cheeses and various sweets accompanied by a wine specially designed for the table, will close this tour in which the flavors of southern Argentina will have become unforgettable memories for each of you.



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